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Products and Services

Omnipharma manufactures and distributes various medical devices and supplies.

We are a quality local supplier and distributor of the high standard medical and health care products and services. From a range of general medical devices to COVID-19 specific medical or healthcare supplies.

UriChek – High end export (RDT) product  

MAKROMED – A local/state business (RDT) product   

Other Products

Heparin Syringes

Embedding Cassettes

Parenteral Sets and Cannulas(various)

Administration Sets

Stitch Cutters(various)

Procedure Trays for wards and surgery

Temperature Management Products

Surgical Instruments(various)

Gravity Intravenous Sets and related Accessories

Imported Branded disposable products(components for manufacture)

Wound care and Orthopaedic bandage range

Gauze Swab Products

General Medical Disposables

Miscellaneous Disposable Products

Needles and Lancets(various)

Cotton Wool Products

Pouches and Bags(various)

Applicators and Sticks(various)

Therapeutic Support Products

Rapid Diagnostics Test

Surgical Drapes